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    « Le succès ne dépend pas forcément de la disparition de l’obstacle, mais de l’identification et de l’application réussie de voies alternatives pour atteindre le but visé. » Dr E de Bono

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    « La qualité de votre réflexion déterminera la qualité de votre avenir. » Dr E de Bono

    About Dr Edward de Bono


    Dr. de Bono is considered by many to be the foremost authority on creative thinking and the teaching of thinking as a skill.

    Born in Malta, Dr Edward de Bono after his initial training at St Edward's University, Malta, and the Royal University of Malta, where he obtained a medical degree, as a Rhodes Scholar, studied at Christchurch, Oxford, where he obtained a degree in psychology and physiology as well as a D.Phil. in medicine. He holds a PhD from Cambridge, a DDes from the Royal Institute of Technology in Melbourne and an LLD from Dundee. He has taught at Oxford, Cambridge, as well as Harvard.

    His medical research revealed to him the behavior of the brain as a self-organized system (see his book Mechanism of Mind) and the usefulness of a deliberate approach he called Lateral Thinking® to altering perception. He also conceived of parallel thinking, also known as the Six Hats of Thinking® method, as an alternative to argumentation.

    Dr. de Bono pioneered many thinking methods that are widely used today. He is the source of the term "lateral thinking," which is the subject of an entry in the Oxford English Dictionary.

    His ideas have been requested by governments and Heads of State, non-profit organizations and many large companies around the world, such as IBM, Boeing, BT (UK), Nokia (Finland), Mondadori (Italy ), Siemens (Germany), 3M (Germany), NTT (Japan), GM, Kraft, Nestlé, Du Pont, Prudential, Shell, Bosch (Germany), Goldman Sachs, Ernst & Young and many more.

    Quoique Diplômé de médecine, la contribution de ses outils à l’amélioration des résultats et des process des entreprises lui a valu d’être nominé prix NOBEL d’ECONOMIE. Mieux, Edward de Bono a été célébré par des prix Nobel de Physique, de Chimie, et des tycoons de la finance, de l’industrie, du commerce, de la R&D, ressources humaines.

    The universality of its tools also makes it possible to impact young people and help even illiterates to better manage their thought process.

    Global consulting firm Accenture named him one of the 50 most influential thinkers in business.

    He has written over 60 books and programs, translated into 43 languages, has been invited to lecture in 58 countries and directed three television series.